Suspension Fluid Calculators

The calculators below provide the basics for calculating the viscosity of a blended fluid.

Specific Gravity Calculator

The SG is often not provided for fluids but can be calculated from the weight and volume of a fluid.

The SG for suspension fluids is normally between 0.8 and 0.9.

Volume (MilliLitres)
Weight (grams)

Viscosity Calculator

This calculator provides the viscosity of a blended fluid based on the percentages of the source fluids.

Enter the viscosity and specific gravity your fluids plus the % for the first fluid then press calculate.

Fluid 1
Fluid 2
Viscosity (cSt@40c):
Specific Gravity:
Fluid Percentages
Blend Viscosity

These calculations use the Refutas Equation

See the Fork Fluid Specification page for information on hydraulic fluids