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About F650GS Fork Failure Information

The information provided in these pages has been assembled from public information sources through the efforts of many people whom I would like to thank for their dedication and efforts in making these pages possible.

The information is intended to assist owners of the machines to make informed decisions on the continued use of the front fork sliders or their replacement with the revised components.

It is also intended to assist those riders who have suffered failures of the front axle mounts.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information here. If you see any information you consider is incorrect please contact us and we will check and if necessary correct it.

If you would like to comment on the information provided here, the contact form is available to send your comments, selected comments may be published in the future so please indicate your preference.


It is a quirk of the democratic legal systems that when product liability cases are settled in the courts, the settlements are often subject to confidentiality clauses or non disclosure agreements, leaving each owner to pursue their case at high expense and without knowledge of the other cases and the information presented to the courts in those cases.

A situation which it could be argued should change to prevent manufacturers hiding behind confidentiality clauses and reduce the burden on the courts.


Old and New Forks
Fork Fragments