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F650GS Fork Failure List

A total in excess of 25 failures have been identified from public sources of information. The failures are on machines produced between the start of production and October 2002. The disturbing aspect is that anecdotal information suggests that there have been many more failures beyond those documented here.

The other failures will be amongst the insurance claims worldwide following accidents. In many cases it will not have been noticed or identified as the cause of the accident. It is unlikely photographic records of early failures exist as the insurance industry did not use digital photography in claims assessment throughout the period failures have occurred .

There is now one reported failure on a 2011 G650GS. The 2011 model has different fork sliders to the later F650GS and the 2007 to 2010 G650GS models. The 2011+ forks are manufactured by Sachs not Showa.

This is the list of known axle mount failures in chronological order.
Further details of each failure will be added when time permits

We are always interested in any information which can assist in determining the cause of the failures as well as any failures which are not documented here.

A contact form is provided so if you know of any information or are aware of any further failures please let us know