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F650GS Known Problems

The initial F650GS was subject to a number of problems, not just the axle lug failures. The reports to NHTSA in 2000 to 2003 are higher than for other models and manufacturers.

It could be argued that this is a result of the model being rushed into production in Germany following the success of the Funduro and released to market prematurely.

Some of the problems were resolved by firmware updates or component replacement, while others such as the wiringfire problems listed below continue as the solution was left to the dealer network to resolve under a TSB with different processes in each coumtry rather than make changes on the production line, hence later models also suffer the problems such as the firing fire problem.

Problem List

Front Wheel Spacer Cracking

The initial front RHS wheel spacer was alloy and the tightening torque specified was too high. The spacers were replaced by steel spacers in 2001

Axle Tightening Torque changed from 80nm to 45nm

No TSB's were issued

Drivability Issues.

The initial models were subject to surging and stalling
Problem resolved with BMS firmware updates

See TSB's
1300101, 1300301, 1300303

US Fuel Tank Recall

Fuel tank leak around the activated carbon filter.

US Market Only

See Recall 00V-267

Rear Caliper Support Bracket.

Caliper Support Bracket Bends with potential rear brake loss

See World Wide Recall Campaign 00 00 33 08 00 and Australian Recall No R01/025,

Ignition Switch Wiring Harness Chafing.

Ignition switch wiring was poorly routed with chafing causing electrical fires.

See TSB's
US 5056875-01

Main Wiring Harness Chafing

The main wiring harness chafes near shock absorber preload adjuster causing electrical fires.

See TSB's 61 002 06 (013), 61 002 08 (050)

Nov-2005 Measure No. US 5056875-01

Front Fork Axle Lug Failures - No TSB's or recalls issued