650GS Engine
No and VIN

After an amusing morning with a mechanic doing a registration check who could not find the engine number, I realised with all the information here there was no information on where the number was stamped on the engine.

So here are the locations of the VIN and engine number and VIN Decoder links.

VIN Location

The VIN is on the RHS behind the Steering Head.

You can also use the on line VIN decoders to
check the production details for the machine.

Engine No Location

The number is on the LHS down under the clutch cover. It can be hard to read if any oil has spilt over time and baked onto the engine casing.

After feeling a little sheepish about not knowing/fogotten where to find the engine number I did a search and came up with the gem below. It seems BMW UK could not quickly find the engine number location for an RTW rider so there is a page dedicated to them in the rider's blog. Engine No Blog