The 650GS site was set up initially to provide information on the early single spark Dakar as there was a lack of good concise information on line and the model provided so much scope for modification and improvement.

Since the initial set up it has morphed into information on all the F and G Series GS single models and continues to grow as information comes to light either via research or owners contacting me to onpass information.

The motivation was provision of information to assist owners rather than any desire to develop a commercial site.

The time taken to research information and to maintain the site is considerable and there are the hosting costs.

While I heve not actively sought contributions, if you feel the site has been of assistance to you and you would like to make a contribution towards the costs of maintaining it, I would be happy to receive it and appreciate the gesture.

Any contributions will be applied directly towards the costs of the maintenance of the site.

Contributions can be made via PayPal.


Beyond any contributions of money there are other ways which contributions can be made.

Broken or damaged parts are invaluable to determine failure causes and assist in designing replacement parts.

My interest is in the electronic components like ABS, BMSC and Dash assemblies. Some faults in BMSC and Dash assemblies are able to be repaired. A number of owners are co operating in looking at replacement of modules on an exchange basis. Some assemblies will not be able to be repaired but can be a source of parts to repair others. Donating these parts can assist in helping others and reduces components going into landfill or lying in the junk bin.

Contact me if you have a failed ABS, BMSC or Dash Assembly. also has a flea market where you can list parts you dont need to assist other owners in repairs.

Information is always welcomed, it may not always immediately appear but will be considered.