The basic maintenance routines are well covered in the BMW manuals. What is not clear is that the routines are in large part common across the different 650 models, F and G Series.

Information on what to watch for and potential problem areas is below. Most of the information is on other pages but has been included here to put it all in one place.

When engaging a Dealer to perform maintenance or repairs, ask for the MOSS operations report where there is some doubt about repairs. It will clearly show what electronic procedures were carried out and the results.

Enhanced and updated Service Data and Service Schedules
Valve Clearance Maintenance Record PDFs
Generic Torque Value and Conversion PDFs
Oil Checking and Return Valve PDFs
Oil Filter Information all year models

Valve Clearance Information and Specifications
The clearance specifications for
all the models are the same
0.03-0.11 mm
0.25-0.33 mm

Early single spark manuals and service sheets show different values but they were changed in later revisions.

Basic information and owner notes on valve clearance adjustments - All Models Notes and Info

Fuel Filter Regulator

The replacement interval for the fuel filter/regulator was increased from 20,000 km (12,000 miles) to 40,000 km (24,000 miles) before the introduction of the dual spark models so the early service data sheets and single spark manuals have the old information. Many owners have run for 50,000 kms+ without replacement and Golan Products have the Mini Filter which can be used as a prefilter.

Oil Drain Plug

The 00-04 drain plug is easily damaged so take care when removing the plug.
Get a 6 sided socket and grind the front edge as shown to prevent damage.
The BMW revised plug or a drain plug with magnet is recommended.

Updated BMW Drain Plug

This drain plug is used on CS/X/G650/F Twin BMW models.
The BMW Part No - 11 13 7 708 604 Screw Plug, Magnetic - M24x2

Copper Crush Washers

8mm copper crush washers for the oil tank drain plug & 6mm for the fork drain plugs are available from brake suppliers, they are used on banjo bolts, there are also low cost assorted size kits avalable on EBay.

Coolant Change and BMW Coolant

There is a bleeder valve on the RHS of the cylinder for use when changing coolant. Early models have a plastic tube fitting, on later models it may be a torx bolt. Loosen until fluid appears when filling with new coolant, then tighten. Squeeze coolant hoses repeatedly to ensure all air is removed, this is the important part.

BMW, like many Euro Mfrs have their own coolant standard. There is much discussion about alternatives.
This Coolant Info pdf sets out the basics of what is known, There are alternatives in every market.

Spark Plugs

Confusion over the correct plug for each of the models has caused problems for owners over the years. The single spark uses a non resistive plug NGK D8EA. The dual spark models use a resistive plug NGK DR8EA.

See Modifications/Ignition Upgrades for info on Pulstar capacitive plugs, far better on all year models

Front Axle Torque
The original torque on the axle was 85nm, this caused alloy spacer cracking. The spacers were then made of steel and the torque figure was reduced to 45nm. This was covered in a TSB to dealers but some confusion still exists.
Swingarm and Linkages
The BMW schedules dont include maintenance intervals for the swingarm and suspension linkage bearings. The swingarm bearings in particular are not sealed and problems have emerged in the field. It is recommended they be checked and the modification to add seals done at the 20,000 km service.

Electrical Connections and Wiring

Ensure electrical connections are properly reconnected when reassembling. Failure to do so is one of the most common problems after performing maintenance tasks. The AIT sensor is a popular one to be missed.

Check the wiring harness for chafing and components like the side stand switch when doing any maintenance.

Ignition Coils

On the 650GS/M and G Series ensure the ignition coils are fitted to the corrrect position and
that the connectors are fully pushed home into the sockets. They can fail to click into place.

The Husqvarna Terra coils are the same as the G650X and the coils and connectors must be
in the right positions. It is worthwhile marking them on removal.