F650GS 00-04

There are considerable errors and omissions in the service information in the manuals and the information available on the web. The lists below are the start of edited lists removing duplications and with metric and imperial settings.

If you have any further information or corrections please let me know and I will update the lists as time permits.
Adding information such as bolt head type, size and length is of particular interest.


Service Information

Section 1
Service Information - Fluid Quantities, Torque Settings, Tools
Section 2
Service Schedule - Updated schedules with tick boxes for each item

Technical Information

Section 1
11-Engine, Part A
Section 2
11-Engine, Part B
Section 3
11-Engine, Part C, 12-Ignition
Section 4
13-Fuel System, 17-Coolant System, 18-Exhaust, 21-Clutch
Section 5
23-Gearbox, 27-Chain, 31-Forks, 32-Steering, 33-Rear Suspension
Section 6
34-Brakes, 36-Wheels/Tyres, 46-Frame, 61-Electrics, 62-Dash, 63 Lights

Torque Information

Section 1
11-Engine, 12-Engine Electrical
Section 2
13-Fuel System, 17-Radiator, 18-Exhaust, 21-Clutch, 23-Transmission
Section 3
27-Drive Chain, 31-Forks, 32-Steering, 33-Rear Wheel, 34-Brakes and ABS
Section 4
36-Wheels, 46-Frame, 61-General Electrical, 62-Instruments, 63-Lights

Simple torque unit converter and Generic Bolt Torque Values charts to pin on the workshop wall

Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins

There are a number of recalls and Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for the 650 models. The links pages have links to the major sources of recall information and these can be worth looking at. has many of the early year model US TSBs and the NHTSA in the US has many listed as well.

The TSBs often update information such as torque settings for components. This then leaves hard copy and CD/DVD material out of date and can lead to confusion over the correct settings. This is the case for engine covers, early model front axle and front sprocket torque settings. Service interval on the combined fuel filter/regulator is another item changed. It is worth checking for changes when doing any procedure for the first time.

A list summarising many of the older year model US TSBs is here for downloading. TSB List PDF