All 650GS Models

Special Tools

Many of the procedures in the BMW Manuals specify special tools needed for the procedures. These tools are quite often expensive and beyond an economic price for home usage. Some of the tools are simple to build.

In addition many procedures use old methods of component replacement where modern methods can be better.

The area of old and new ways of doing things is often the choice of "bash fit" or the use of specialist pullers.

Many of the tools can be simply made from parts sourced from the local hardware store. The handiest items are threaded rod and long bolts. Old sockets and bushes can also be useful. A few examples are below.

If you have any other locally made tools let me know and I can add them here.

Wheel Bearing Tools

Fitting front and rear wheel bearings is far easier and gentler on bearings using a simple puller like these. When fitting the bearings unto the sprocket carrier a holder is handy, an old sprocket makes a good holder.

Swingarm Bearing Tool

Some threaded rod and an old bush make a good tool for removal and install of the swing arm bearing

Rear Suspension Linkage Tool

Here again some threaded rod and an old bush make a good tool for removal and install of the swing arm linkage bearing

Steering Head Bearing Tools

Threaded rod and away you go

Engine Tools 1

A Top Dead Centre bolt is easy, taper the tip of an 8mm bolt

An old socket can make a rear engine mount tool.

Engine Tools 2

A simple puller for assembling the main bearing

Engine Tools 3

The upper rear engine mount requires a castle nut socket
They are available from after market suppliers.
Tyga-performance - NSR150SP, Motionpro - 08-0385

Flywheel Puller

JMP Flywheel with an internal thread, Thread: 38x1.5mm, right
For F & G650 Series, available from Power Parts UK

Blind Hole Pullers
Removing the wheel and sprocket carrier bearings is done best by using blind hole pullers not the bash method. A little heat on the hub or sprocket carrier is also advisable. These tools are relatively low cost.

BMW Special Tools
Offset Adapter Socket
Removing the cam chain tensioner bolt can be tricky on the ABS models.
11 5 521 - Socket wrench insert - Part No 83 30 2 152 955
For removing/installing chain tensioner with a 3/8" swivel extension
BMW Steering Head Bearing Tool
31 6 521 - Socket wrench insert - Part No 90 88 6 316 521

See the comment below from a respected mechanic

"A tool like that is unnecessary and dangerous, it allows far too much pressure to be placed on the bearing. Tightening the bearing as per the manual is also not correct and results in a destroyed bearing before you have even ridden the bike. Been there, done that!. The edge indicated in the pic above right is knurled and is large enough to apply the required pressure on the bearing by hand. I have done many by hand and never had a problem."