Sensors And Switches

The F650GS uses a number of engine sensors and switches which are not always well documented.

This is a collection of information to assist in fault finding and sourcing alternative parts. The Tridon Info pdf on the alternative parts page has fault finding information for some sensors.

When replacing Air Intake, O2, Idle Actuator or Throttle Position sensors reset BMS adaptions with a GS911.

Air Intake Sensor

BMW Part No 13 62 1 739 510 Air Temperature Sensor
It is used on many E36/38/39/46 series cars and other bike models. 5v operation

Alternatives - Airtex 5S1006 Airtex Vehicle Electronics or FEBI 32679 FEBI
The sensor needs cleaning periodically, At each service would be ideal.

Water Temperature Sensor

The F650CS/GS BMW Part No is 13 62 1 703 993, G650GS/X is 12 62 7 700 108

A dual element sensor used on many E36/38/39 series cars. 5v Operation

The socket is BMW 12 52 1 703 571 and pins are 61 13 0 007 657 (car parts)

For more information on the sensors & alternatives see the Coolant System pdf

Exhaust Sensor

BMW Part No 11 78 7 685 320 Oxygen Sensor - NGK 6 Ohm.
NGK list as OZA630BM3 NGK Install PDF NGK GS Info PDF

The Service Interval is 100,000 kms. Note the heater operates at 12v
Bosch part number: 0 258 003 559 can be used Bosch Lambda Sensor Manual

Note - Many NGK catalogues show the wrong Part No for the single spark GS.

G650X 02 Sensor is 11 78 7 674 452 for all models including EU3.

Throttle Valve Switch

BMW Part No 13 63 1 436 000 - It is common to the E36 318i and Z3 cars
It is actually a Throttle Valve Position Sensor (TPS). 5v Operation
Used parts can be picked up on EBay

Idle Actuator

BMW Part No 13 53 2 345 868 - 00-04, 13 53 7 679 998 - 05-07 / X / G Series.
The idle actuator is a stepper motor with a minimum of 140 steps
There are no other models shown as using the part. Actuator Information

Engine Speed Sensor

BMW Part No 12 11 7 652 904 - Pulse Generator. Common to all 650 Singles 00-13+
The sensor gap is not adjustable, check mount for problems and any metal particles.

The gap should be 0.5-0.7mm, The resistance is 190 to 300 ohms Sensor Info pdf

Engine sensor faults can lead people to think the BMS is faulty.

Wheel Speed Sensors

The BMW and Bosch Part Numbers are in the Wheel Sensor pdf. Sensor Info pdf
Three Part No's across the year models. An incorrect sensor gap can cause engine stalling as the BMSC adjusts fuel air mixture based on speed, RPM and throttle position.

The front and rear ABS/Speedo sensor gap should be - 0.10 to 1.0 mm (0.004 - 0.04 in)

G650GS wheel sensors are Bosch 0 265 007 684 - EuroMotoElectrics sell it as WSS-528.

Fuel Level Sensor

There is no Part No for the 650GS models but there is for the G650X The TR650 appears to be the same as the G650X. What is known is in the pdf Level Sensor Info pdf

Oil Pressure Sensor

BMW list it as Part No 12 63 7 689 965 Oil Pressure Switch - M12x1.5mm for all singles (CS/GS/G650GS/X650).
It requires a 90 degree adaptor on the F650GS/CS and is shown without the adaptor on the newer G/X models.

The switch is Normally Closed and operates at 0.3 - 0.6 bar

Adaptor Part No's are:

61 12 7 695 204 - Repair Line, Oil Pressure Switch $US26

11 11 7 695 425 - Adapter Oil Pressure Switch $US33

Oil Pressure - 0.5 BAR@1400rpm,    4.5 BAR Max@4500rpm

The listed part is an updated item, the original part was the same as the F650 which is an M10x1mm pitch unit.
The Switch for the G650GS is relocated closer to the clutch and is tapped to M12x1.5mm pitch thread to accept the switch directly. The 2010+ G650GS has no dash lamp and the switch location is capped with a threaded plug.

The general consensus on the engine casing thread is:

F650GS 2000-2007 - M10 x 1.0mm - in original location - (Use adaptor with new BMW Part or the F650 Sensor)

G650GS 2008-2009 - M12 x 1.5mm - in new location - (Use new BMW part without adaptor)

G650XC 2007-2009 - M12 x 1.5mm - in new location - (Use new BMW part without adaptor)

G650GS 2010-2015 - M12 x 1.5mm - in new location - hole is plugged - (Use new BMW Part and external gauge)


1/ Some 2006+ F650GS owners report their crankcase is tapped to M12x1.5mm, see the pdf below for details.
2/ A little dirt/oil residue in the switch can cause the dash lamp to light at idle. Clean it before replacing.
3/ The cost of the BMW adaptor and wiring repair lead adds complexity and makes purchase of it uneconomic.
4/ Alternatives available in US/EU/Oz for all year models are in the Sender Info pdf
5/ BMW F650 Oil Switch Part No 12 63 7 670 015 - Oil Pressure Switch $US16 (Same price as the GS switch)
6/ The Tridon catalogue on the alternative parts page has test procedures for some sensors & switches.