Starter Clutch Repair

The 650GS has a sprag clutch to engage the starter motor. The spring in the clutch wears and can break up.
The choice is a complete new sprag clutch (BMW does not supply the spring separately) or using the repair method shown here. It would be wise to check the wear on the other parts in the clutch before electing to replace the spring.

Sprag Clutch Components

The diagram shows the rear of the flywheel and sprag parts.

Viewed from the rear of the flywheel (engine side).

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Preparation and Disassembly

Drain oil and remove wiring cover and engine side cover.

Position piston at TDC. (so woodruff key is on top)

An F650 classic is shown but the GS is basically the same.

Remove Flywheel

BMW puller 125510 is needed for flywheel removal.

Be warned it may take considerable effort to crack

BMW recommend heating the flywheel to 80c (176f).

Sprag Clutch Disassembly

Remove freewheel housing from the flywheel. (4xM8 nuts)

BMW recommend heating the flywheel to 120c (248f).

The picture shows clutch removed and taped to hold parts together.

Reassembly (with SKF 19778 seal Spring)

Remove new spring from seal & slide over taped sprag clutch

Cut tape from sprag clutch and ensure spring is seated.

Clean threads of bolts and flywheel then fit clutch to flywheel

Install the freewheel with the mark (arrow) down (to outside of engine).

Use Loctite 648 on threads and torque to 35nm

Fit circlip & Oil the freewheel in the freewheel housing

Check lock function and locking direction of freewheel

Clean crankshaft, woodruff key, flywheel and hex nut.
Apply Loctite 648 to the inner surface of the flywheel

Slide flywheel onto the crankshaft, align woodruff key and groove.

Rotate starter gear counter-clockwise if needed to fit flywheel.

Install the circlip and hex nut. Tighten hex nut. Torque is 180 Nm

Fit side covers, wiring and wiring cover (GS), then refill with oil.

Additional Images
Full credit to chabon and divimon2000 from for the pics and additional information