Other Repair Information

Information on the oil system and some small items which cause problems and are relatively simple to repair.

BMW have an engine gasket & Seal kit, the contents are listed in the pdf. Engine Seals & Gaskets pdf

BMSC Firmware
Version Info

On all models obtaining and recording the firmware version of the BMSC/BMSE is important and can save time fault finding. A GS911 is a handy tool.

F650GS 05-07
2005 Update

2005 Model. Poor starting (when engine is cold); engine shuts off; poor engine response when clutch is engaged after selecting a gear. Update to later firmware.

F650GS 05-07
2006 Update
Hard Starting at Altitude Fix - New Decompression Lever - 11 31 7 699 386,
Spring - 11 31 2 343 097 and BMS 200E firmware update. See utilities BMS Info.
G650GS / Sertao
2012 Update
Hot Start Fix TSB 1100312 015 - New Decompression Lever - 11 31 8 540 965
All K15, R13/31, R13/40 Prior to engine No 61712400. See utilities BMS Info.
G650GS / Sertao
2015 Update
Stalling Fix - Worldwide recall for firmware update and check inlet stub sealing.
All R13/40 with BMS-E. See utilities BMS Info.
G650GS / Sertao
2016 Update
Further Stalling Fix - Worldwide recall for firmware update and check inlet stub sealing. All R13/40 with BMS-E. See utilities BMS Info.
See Note
Decompression Lever Info, all year models 650 CS/GS/X Lever Info pdf

Oil Cooling System

The system is a dry sump system with a pressure pump and a scavenging pump. It has a low volume of oil. Oil pressure is 0.5 bar at idle.

Oil Cooling Diagram

The basic system diagram here shows fluid paths and components.
Oil pressure sender information is covered in Engine Sensors.
The external lines to the oil tank are both low pressure

Oil Filling Procedure

Run the machine to 10 to 20 kms, park and let oil settle for 5 mins.
With the machine upright, check oil is at line on sight glass. Oil Chk pdf


Oil lamp on dimly at idle - Grit in the sender - clean it, Sender pdf
Oil Leaks near sender - Some senders were prone to leaks - replace it.

Oil in Airbox

The engine breather into the air box will produce some oil condensation and hence the drain fitted by BMW.

This would normally only be a very small amount of oil. A larger build up of oil indicates a fault.

A Rotax engineer has indicated there are three fault conditions which can cause a build up.

1/ Oil over fill, which is a common problem with new owners of bikes with dry sump systems.
2/ Counter balance shaft seal failure, leaking oil from the crank case into the RHS housing with the vent tube.
3/ Compression leak issue, causing a pressure build up in the crank case. eg A broken land between piston rings.
Non Return Valves
Behind the oil filter are two screws which gain access to the non return valves for the oil cooling system. They can be very difficult to remove.
Oil tank can drain if bike is parked for a while with a degraded valve

A pdf with all the known information and oil non return part numbers Non Return Valve Info

Throttle Body

The throttle body manifold can perish and crack around the base causing rough running and poor idle. The symptoms are often thought to be a sensor or engine ECU fault but there are no fault codes showing. Check it when doing routine maintenance.

Part numbers for the throttle body and components are in this Fuel Delivery pdf

Cam Chain & Tensioner

The cam chain tensioner on the early F Series can stick and not provide full tension on the cam
chain. An updated cam chain tensioner is available to resolve the problem. P/N - 11317710986

The cam chain should last the life of the bike with regular oil changes & cleaning the tensioner.

Spark Plug Cap

On the 00-04 single spark, the spark plug cap connections can become corroded and
the metal shroud can leak HT to earth. The components in the cap can be unscrewed and cleaned. The shroud can also be removed permanently.

One fault symptom can be hesitation in wet weather.

Rear Top Engine Mount
The rear top engine mount needs careful assembly. It can shear the mounting bolts if not set up correctly. Adjustment needs a castle nut tool. They are available from after market suppliers.

Tyga-performance - NSR150SP, Motionpro - 08-0385

Rear Sub Frame Bolts
The rear sub frame bolts can shear off. It is recommended
they be replaced with hex bolts. The repair for sheared bolts
is to remove the fragments and if needed drill out the frame
nuts and use larger diameter 10mm bolts with nuts.

The OEM lower bolts are specified as Oval Head Screw - M8x25-10.9 ZNS3 - P/No 36 31 7 709 543

See Modifications/Sidestand for information on side stand cracking or breaking