Alternative Parts

The parts used by BMW are often generic parts which are also available from the original manufacturer at a lower cost. There are also a number of after market companies offering alternative parts.

This is intended to be a list of the alternatives. If you see additional alternative parts let us know and we can add them to the list here. The G650GS on-line fiche can have better descriptions of parts, especially electrical sockets

Front Disk

BMW Part No 34 11 2 345 824

EBC Part No MD650LS
MetalGear Part No 20-349

Sertao is a floating front disk.

Rear Disk

BMW Part No 34 21 2 345 314

EBC Part No MD651
MetalGear Part No 20-220

Sertao is the same as the GS/Dakar

Front Disk Pads

There are many brake pad Mfrs
Brake Pad Mfr Info pdf

Rear Disk Pads

There are many brake pad Mfrs
Brake Pad Mfr Info pdf

Air Filter

BMW Part No 13 71 8 534 200

UniFilter Oz Part No NU7304
K & N Part No BM6501

Oil Filter

BMW Part No 11 41 2 343 118

K&P & Scotts - Part No 2151
Oil Filter & Cooler pdf

00-04 Valve Shims

Shim PDF Single Spark 29mm

05-15 Valve Shims

Shim PDF Dual Spark 10mm

Oxygen Sensor

BMW Part No 11 78 7 685 320
NTK OZA630BM3 (NGK 6 ohm)

Other Engine Sensors

For alternatives to BMW parts
See Engine Sensor Page

Steering Head Bearings

BMW Part No 07 11 9 985 070
SKF Part No 320/28 X/Q

Sealed S H B

Koyo have sealed bearings
Koyo Part No 320/28JRRS

Bearings and Seals
Front Wheel Bearings - SKF 6203-2RS1 - 17x40x12
Rear Wheel Bearings - SKF 6203-2RS1 - 17x40x12
Chain Carrier Bearings - SKF 6204-2RS1/C3-20x47x14
Front Wheel Seal - 25x40x7mm NOK BAFUD2SL1X7
Rear Wheel Seals - 30x40x7mm NOK BAU2 SLX2
Fork Seals & Dust Covers - See the Fork Seal pdf
Warning - Some dealers are confusing 00-09 model 41x54x11mm fork seals with 2010+ 41x52.2x11mm seals

G650GS and Sertao Parts
Many parts for the G650GS are the same as the F650GS, differences between the models are shown where relevant.

Wheels - are interchangeable between all of the models, F / G / Sertao / Husky Terra Wheel Part Numbers

Wheel Sensors - G650GS wheel sensors are Bosch 0 265 007 684 - EuroMotoElectrics sell it as WSS-528.

Brake Levers - are identical between all of the models, F / G / Sertao - BMW Part No 32 72 7 655 208

Clutch Levers - are different between models, interchange is possible, details are in the pdf file GS Levers

Fork Seals - The 2010+ Sachs fork seals are different to the earlier Showa fork models. See Fork Seal pdf above.

Clutch Cable - The clutch cable for 2010+ models is different to the earlier models. See Clutch Repairs

Starter Motor - G Series is different, different mounting, different length of starter motor.

650X Parts

Karsten has provided a spreadsheet of parts and sources of information for the 650X. Some of the info is also relevant to the GS. The file is here. Over time info will be added to the pages here. G650x Parts and Info
The G650X thread index at Advrider also links to a wealth of information G650x Thread Index

Husqvarna Terra/Strada 2012-14 Parts

Many TR650 parts are common to the 650GS or G650X. See the Terra/Strada Parts xls & the ECU Info pdf

Other Parts
Front Brake Caliper - Brembo Part No 22.5553
Front Caliper Hanger - Brembo Part No 22.5554
Rear Master Cylinder - Brembo Part No 10.4776.50
Dash Lamps - See Electrical Repairs page
Radiator Fan - See PDF Fan PDF
Starter Solenoid - See Starter Ccts page

Accelerator Cables - All models, F/G 650 CS/GS/X, available at EuroMotoElectrics Accelerator Cable pdf

Battery - Yuasa YB12AL-A - See the Battery Relocation & Voltage Regulator pages in Modifications

BMW Coolant - A pdf of info on the BMW Coolant is on the Water Cooling Repairs page

Chain Rollers - After market rollers can be used. See Suspension Repairs page

Cush Drive Rubbers - All 650 models, F650, F/G 650GS, TR650, G650X, see the Cush Drive Info pdf

Micro Relays - Relays are all STD ISO 30 amp Micro Relays, after market relays can be used. Relay pdf

Mirrors - After market mirrors can be used with the BMW adaptors. See Tips and Tricks page

Oil Drain Plug - The 00-04 oil drain plug should be replaced with the later one - See About Maintenancepage

Plug Caps - F650GS 00-04 plug caps - NGK LZEH (Non Resistive) or VD05FP (Resistive). MSD Plug Caps

Sprockets - JT have 13 to 18 front and 41 to 49 tooth rears. Chain size is 520, see the Sprocket Info pdf

Thermostat - A pdf of info and alternatives for the BMW Thermostat is on Water Cooling Repairs page

Note. The front sprocket retaining system is different between the F Series and G Series. See Gearbox Repairs

Euro Motoelectrics have many parts, including fuel pumps, wheel sensors, service items like filters, cables. Their range of parts has expanded considerably, it is worth emailing them if you cant see an item. F/G 650 CS/GS/X Parts