Air Intake System

The intake system is quite restrictive and has a few problems which are covered below, overall the machine can be improved with a less restrictive air filter and the intake opened up for improved air flow.
Modern air intake systems are highly tuned and EFI system firmware is engineered to suit the intake design. Some owners cut off the snorkel a few inches in front of the airbox, this may increase air flow but exposes the inlet to increased dust and water. It can also badly affect low rpm power. A moderate alternative is to increase the size of the air inlet on the inside front edge of the snorkel retaining protection from water and dust while maintaining intake design.
Air Filter
The STD paper filter is unsuitable for dirt road usage. Paper filters are variable in particle size filtering while oiled cotton filters are high flow rate with less variability in particle size but not the smallest particle size filtering. Foam oil filters are higher flow and have the smallest particle size filtering but a little less flow rate than cotton filters. A low cost alternative which improves filtration and increases air flow is a foam oil filter like the Unifilter. The alternatives are below.

Air flow & filtering characteristics of air filter types is often misunderstood, the basics are below

Filter Type
Air Flow
Dust Retention
Base Rating
30 μm
Oiled Paper
2 % more restrictive
18 μm
Cotton Gauze
25 % less restrictive
45 μm
24 % less restrictive
4 μm

Fitting Filters

Both the unifilter and K and N filters can be tight to fit on some machines. a little oil on the seals can ease installation. In some cases the manufacturing tolerances on the plastic of the airbox or snorkel can make it very difficult. Check the snorkel and air box plastic thickness around the filter seal. Some adjustment is possible.

Take care with the two self tapping retaining screws, do not over torque them. They are a little shorter than would be optimum and can strip out the thread area on the air box. It is possible to "countersink" the retainer further to increase thread length into the air box to overcome the problem where the inner is stripped.

Replacement of the self tapping screws and fitting thread inserts to the air box would be possible but the risk of them falling into the air box where a screw worked loose may make the idea less attractive.

UniFilter Maintenance

It is important to maintain oiled foam filters properly or they will not provide good filtering or long life. They should only be cleaned with mineral turps, allowed to fully dry before re oiling and when oiling all excess oil removed. Too often excess oil is left in the filter. Unifilter Australia have guides to maintenance which are worth reading.

Air Intake System Modification

Experience here in Australia shows water can enter the snorkel and without any bleed hole before the air filter, saturate the standard filter. In some situations the filter can collapse.

The solution to the problem is to drill a 5-6mm hole in the air intake snorkel as per the instructions below.

A second problem with the intake system is the bleed tube in the air box intended to drain fluids from the air box. This has a 6-8 mm lip inside the air box and it is not at the lowest point of the air box, allowing a considerable amount of fluid to remain in the air box.

A drain tube with a lower lip is required closer to the outer edge of the air box. Cleaning out the excess oil is recommended at a minimum of each service interval

1/ Remove RHS "tank" cover

2/ Remove snorkel from machine

3/ Drill 5-6 mm hole as per image

    Drill a pilot hole of 2-3mm first and check angle of hole during drilling

4/ Refit snorkel and RHS tank cover

Ensure the hole is at the lowest point of the snorkel angled as per allen key shown in the image above. The correct angle is inwards and forwards from the rear outer edge.
Additional Images