Alloy Bars and Risers

Handlebar height and position on the Dakar is a compromise between seated and standing positions.

Replacement of the handlebars with alternative after market bars is not as simple as it could be, at least on the F650's due to the heated grip wiring inside the bars and the hand guard mounts. The later G Series heated grip wiring simplifies the task. Another difficulty is the bar mounting holes are offset so BMW specific risers are needed.

Bar Risers

Bar risers are to adjust bar height for differences in rider height. Risers are also useful when fitting after market bars of different height and rake. Bar risers on a machine does not mean the bar height is higher than stock.
Too often risers are seen as a normal enhancement for all riders, the result can mean the rider's arms are cramped when up on the pegs especially with the stock footpeg mounts.

ROX Pivoting Risers
These risers allow 7/8" or fat bars and adjustment of bar position for dirt road and highway cruising. Eliminates the BMW offset mounting problem. Bars fitted with the risers need to be 50mm lower in height.

BMW Bar Specs
Width (A)
Height (B)
Rise (C)
Clamp (D)
Sweep (E)
Control Length (F)
790 mm
118 mm
79 mm
150 mm
93 mm
200 mm
G650GS 10+
812 mm
105 mm
65 mm
160 mm
80 mm
230 mm

F650GS/Dakar measurements by crossroadz, Sertao by Advrider inmate Motopsychoman, E&OE folks.

Replacement bars for the GS need 200 mm control area width for the switches etc

Bar Specs

Renthal and Protaper Handlebar specifications

G650GS 2010+ and Sertao Info
The upper yoke is a new casting with different bar clamps. The bar clamps are a different height front to rear. This makes generic risers difficult to fit, filing the front and rear mounting faces by a mm or two is needed.

F650GS and Dakar Info

The bars are relatively high and with a large amount of rake which cramps the rider when up on the pegs.
The heated grip wiring runs through the bars and requires adaptors on the bar ends.

The switches mounted in the centre of the bars are another complication on the F650GS. The choices are to replace the switches with after market ones or use the ROX Risers which allow retention of the switch mount.

ABS Switch - Momentary Action, Heated Grip Switch - 3 Position Centre Off


Michnus Alloy Bars HowTo from All credit to Michnus

Komatias Alloy Bars HowTo from BlueYonder. All credit to Komatias


The early Dakar screen can hit the bars. Sculpting the lower section of the screen allows the bars to clear the screen and reduces helmet buffeting.

Heated Grips and Hand Guards
To retain heated grips and BMW hand guards the BMW adaptors fitted to the STD handlebars need to recovered and machined to fit the alloy bars
or adaptors made to suit. More info is in the Bar End Adaptor Info pdf

G650GS 2010+ and Sertao Info

The design of the bars, switches and bar ends have changed on the Sertao, the bars are noticably lower and with far less rake than the original F650GS and Dakar. The inner hand guard mounts could be eliminated by mounting the hand guards off the mirror mounts.

Install should be simple but I have not seen the details of the mounts. Any info would be appreciated.