Oil Tank Air Box Mount

The Oil tank bolts to the air box with a 6mm bolt into a rubber isolated mount, the rubber mount is fragile.

It consists of a rubber grommet with a brass nut embedded in it. It is common to all the year models.

It can perish and tear around both the outer lip and the area around the brass nut. Replace the mount.

There are documented cases of the brass nut falling into the throttle body and either jamming the throttle or entering the engine with resultant piston and valve damage.

There are two similar rubber mountings at the lower rear of the air box attaching the air box to the frame which can also perish or break up.

The rear air box mounts are fitted during production and are not normally removed during maintenance. They are also low in the air box so are not likely to enter the inlet. It is worth checking these periodically and if perished replacing these as well.

Replacement Airbox Mount

6mm x 35mm Furniture Screw

8mm x 19mm Rubber Grommet

12mm Threaded Spacer

6mm Nyloc Nut and Washer

Yes the spacer is rough and ready

Oil Tank Mount Template

Download PDF


1/ Furniture screws have a large diameter flat head and are hex key.

2/ The grommet is a normal Auto store / Hardware store grommet.

3/ When assembling use loctite on the threaded spacer.

Alternative Approach

Not everyone has the facilities to make the spacer, an alternative
approach is to use a bolt, washers and pair of stainless steel nuts
as shown in the pics here provided by Advrider inmate WindowTo.

It is important to use threadlock on the air box nuts

The bolt is a 5/16 ins diameter, 1 3/4 ins long

Oil Tank and Airbox Mount fitted

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