Rear Suspension Upgrades

The rear suspension is adequate for the majority of riders but there are those who are using the machine in offroad situations who will require some upgrades varying from simple shock replacement to longer travel and larger rear wheel and wider rim. In addition some riders feel the need to reduce the height of the machine.

F650GS & G650GS rear shocks are the same Part No 33 53 7 728 374, the 2010+ shock is Sachs not Showa
Dakar & Sertao rear shocks are the same Part No 33 53 7 728 377, the 2010+ shock is Sachs not Showa

The items to watch and information on changes are below.

Rear Suspension Lengths

The difference in height of the rear suspension between the GS and Dakar
is set by different shock absorber lengths rather than by different length linkages. The shock absorber lengths (in mm) are:
GS 315 - Stroke 47.5, Dakar 326 - Stroke 59.5, Linkage Ratio 3:50

18 inch Rear Wheel

An 18" rear wheel coupled with a 3.25" width rim can widen the tyre choice and raise the rear by 1/2". Clearance on the fuel tank is minimal and needs to be checked. The chain needs 114 links and the adjusters need additional thread length. Adjuster pdf The 650X has an 18" rear wheel.

Suspension Linkages and Bearings

The swingarm axle bearings are unsealed & require maintenance or they wear prematurely & can seize. The axle can be difficult to remove if it is left for too long. The pdf outlines how to add seals to prevent problems without swingarm modification. Swingarm Bearing Mod & Linkage Part Info

The suspension linkages require maintenance, the bolts are known to bend & in some cases break. At least some bolts are fully threaded & weaker than they should be. The bolts should be checked & replaced. Part info is in pdf

The bolts are M10x51, M10x65, M12x110 & worthy spares to carry.

Raising and Lowering Links

Fitting replacement forks without shortening such as the YZ forks it is necessary to raise the rear by 25mm.
The STD linkages are 85mm centre to centre, 25mm rise are 76mm C-C
Contact Aquatic at Advrider for raising links

Kouba make 1" and 2" lowering links for the GS as well as replacement
STD links. The front forks can be raised 7/8" easily to maintain geometry. Lowering the GS more than 1" would not be recommended unless the suspension travel was reduced.       Kouba Online

Remote Reservoir Compression Adjustment

Compression adjustment can be added to the Showa rear shock.
The adjuster is Showa Type B0292 and is rebuildable.
This is a brief write up by Dansin over at Advrider. Download pdf
The shock can also be rebuilt, a write up will be added

The Honda CBR600 FX/FL remote reservoir with compression adjustment can be used in rebuilding the OEM shock.

Rear Shock Absorber Options

Most of the manufacturers have shocks available with choices on adjustability and remote reservoirs