Footpeg Positioning

The F650 foot control positions are a compromise between the model variants and their usage in commuting, touring and dirt road situations. Overall the footpegs are too far forward.

Normally with Dual Sport machines or MX machines the footpegs are aligned with the swing arm pivot for neutral weight bias when standing on the footpegs. The standard positioning is forward of the swing arm pivot

The gear and brake pedal lengths are set for a "middle point" in boot size

The above means the change in pedal length needed when fitting footpeg relocation kits will vary, and for most people the reduction in length will be less than expected. In the case of those with larger boot sizes no change in pedal length may be needed

In my case with size 7 1/2 (42) the optimum pedal length needed to be 15mm shorter with the standard footpegs due to my smaller boot size. With a 50mm relocation of the footpegs only a further 15mm change to the pedal length was required. This apparent anomaly is in part as a result of the increased downward angle of the foot as the footpeg position is moved rearward

Footpeg Relocation Kit Positioning

There seems to be some confusion with the degree of relocation with these kits. As far as I can determine the Touratech kit moves the footpegs back 2" (50mm) when used with the BMW footpegs and the wider footpegs available move the rear edge of the footpeg back another 1/2" (12.5mm). There are claims the height of the footpeg is increased by approximately 1/2" (12.5mm) when the wider footpegs are fitted.
A pic comparing the TT with STD footpeg mounts is below.

Additional Footpeg Relocation Pic's