Side Stand

The side stand is the same on all year models, there are 3 side stand lengths, lowered GS, GS STD & Dakar/Sertao
Issues with the side stand may show up with age. Descriptions of the problems and solutions are below.

Sidestand Switch

The switch is mounted on the top of the pivot bolt secured with a washer and circlip (7 & 8 on the diagram below).

The circlip detaches & the washer lost allowing the switch to move upwards, be damaged by exhaust heat & cause power loss to the BMSC engine management ECU. Check the switch & circlip periodically or whenever doing maintenance. Cleaning & greasing the pivot is advisable to reduce wear on the pivot.

Sidestand Pivot

The side stand mounting or pivot point is manufactured to a very loose tolerance which allows too much lateral play in the stand. The result is that the machine leans too far when placed on the stand and the bush in the pivot can kink and seize eventually wearing into the stand making it harder to extend or retract.

The symptom is the stand is "sticky" when extending or retracting the stand. Adding to the slop, the pivot bolt is threaded under the pivot bush, accelerating pivot bolt.

The solution is simple.

Replace the bolt and make a brass shim.

The dimensions are 30mm OD, 10mm ID and 0.75mm thick.

Install the shim above or below the side stand pivot.

This removes the slop from the pivot.

The Kiwi solution by WPoll over at is to have a
new pivot bolt and bush made.      Side Stand pivot pdf

Pivot Bush is 16mm OD, 10mm ID and 12mm thick.

Sidestand Adjuster

The adjuster for positioning the side stand when retracted can bend and or work loose and fall off.

When the side stand adjuster is missing or not adjusted correctly the side and centre stands interfere with each other.

It is worth checking from time to time to ensure it has not vibrated loose.

A replacement can be made from a 5 mm bolt, two nuts and a rubber foot about 20mm in diameter.

Side Stand Extender

An enhancement to the stand to minimise the lean of the machine when on the side stand is to make a wider base for the stand about 15mm thick.

There are commercial products available but can also be easily made from some alloy and I hear hockey pucks work well. has a write up on the hockey puck solution. A link is on the links page.

A word of caution though, with a plastic base the side stand can slip when parking on slopes, leaving the machine in gear is advisable.

Sidestand Breakage

The side stand can break off about 40 mm below the pivot. The reason is the pivot insert at the top of the stand does not extend far enough into the tubing and is not a tight fit, over time the metal fatigues and breaks.

The stand can be repaired by placing a piece of larger diameter tubing
over the top of the stand tube and then brazing or welding the larger
tube to the pivot and tubing.

You can see the tubing at the top of the stand in the pic.

The tube has been split along its length underneath and overlaps the
pivot and side stand tube so it can be brazed rather than welded.

Side Stand Relocation

A number of people have either changed the angle of the side stand
mount or relocated it to the rear to resolve the problems.
Kubiak, Halmic and others posted info at Advrider.

The document below contains the information and pic's known
about the modifications.

Side Stand Mod pdf

Side Stand Parts Side Stand Info pdf Side Stand connector & switch disable info pdf Switch Disable pdf