Easing Maintenance

There are a few items which cause some frustration when working on the 650GS.

The small modifications below will simplify maintenance and eliminate a couple of frustrations

As we find solutions for items which are difficult to work with we will add more here

Left Foot Peg Mount

The upper mounting bolt for the left hand foot peg mount is difficult to access due to the bracket shape.

Cut off the upper front edge of the bracket as per the picture to enable the mounting bolt
to be accessed far more easily.

Exhaust Shield

Removing the stainless steel guard on the exhaust system requires removing the main rear sub frame bolt and the top foot peg mounting bolt.

Cutting the cover to open the ends of the bolt holes as per the picture enables the guard to slide on and off by only loosening the bolts without removing them

Regulator Bracket

Removing the regulator bracket requires removing the front engine bolts.

Cutting the bracket to open the ends of the bolt holes as per the picture enables

the bracket to slide on and off by only loosening the bolts without removing them


Dont over tighten inlet fixing screws.

They are self tapping screws threading into plastic.

If you strip the inner mount the outer can be drilled out to extend the screws into the plastic a further 10-15mm.

Tail/Brake Lamp Assembly

The mounting of the Tail Lamp assembly means it has to be removed when working around the rear of the bike, connection of the wiring is also difficult. The modification on Tail Lamp Brace page allows it to remain in place, simplifies maintenance plus the wiring access hole makes connection far simpler, it also overcomes broken upper mounts.

Rigid Oil Return Line

The rigid oil return line on the F Series makes removal of the left engine covers difficult. The G Series have a relocated oil return line against the side of the cylinder. The G Series line may fit the F Series.
There are a number of solutions to the rigid oil line ranging from complete replacement to fitting a small flexible section in the upper rear section. The pdf opposite contains details on flexible oil lines. Flexible Oil Line pdf

Accessory Wiring

In general terms, keep it simple, document what is done. Where an accessory needs to be used with ignition off, tap into the parking lamp circuit, use a relay triggered by the ignition switch covering all accessories to minimise load through the switch and use either a single fuse for all devices or individual fuses for each device. Insulate wire bundles. Accessory wire gauge size required depends on the accessory power requirements and the wiring length.

Earth is best run from the main earth point which is on the RHS of the engine behind the curved plastic cover. A single earth fanning out to each accessory is best to enable fast disconnection of earth in emergencies

See About/650GS-Electrics page for BMW wire sizes and ratings.

Helmet Lock

The helmet lock from R850/1100/1150 R Series models is secure & can be easily mounted on the 650GS. The key is the same as the 650GS & can be keyed to match ignition etc. The BMW Part No is 51 25 2 313 472

General Notes
Regularly check fairing, front mud guard and pannier bolts. We find they tend to work loose when the machine is used off road or on rough roads.